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Fri Feb 12 21 05:26pm
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So much to unpack here!

This is probably the best animation I've ever seen from Nintendo of that era. It really renews my decades-old yearning for a traditionally animated Mario movie. Also surprising that this is a commercial for Roses, which wasn't exactly a high-end store chain. It's like Family Dollar having a commercial animated by Don Bluth.

Aside from some minor variations in Princess Toadstool's design, they've really nailed down NOA's take on the look of the Mario cast at this point. They were really committed to Bowser's Super Show design in most forms of media. It's kind of an interesting mindset if you think about it. They started adhering to the Japanese design standards with Super Mario Bros. 3, but for a while they were just like "our Mario Bros have black hair. Our Luigi has green eyes. Our King Koopa is all green and has no hair." That sort of regional deviation of a global franchise is just unthinkable in today's world.

I could watch this commercial a dozen times, studying every frame of animation... and then watch another dozen times, just drinking in all that merchandise both my inner child and outer adult yearn for (and recognizing a few pieces I had growing up).


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