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While I don't think anyone disagrees that a CEO is always looking out for the bottom line, I think it's very easy to see the difference between Phil Spencer and say, Don Mattrick, Hiroshi Yamauchi, and Howard Stringer, as examples.

To say "all CEOs are the same" throws Satoru Iwata into that group. Different CEOs come from different places and different focuses in the games industry. Yamauchi didn't rise in the video game industry, which is why he sort of had disdain for gamers (but not their money). I've heard Phil speak for hours at this point during Giant Bomb's yearly E3 shows and the difference between him and when other game executives speak couldn't be more stark.

I'm not saying he's not out to make money, every major business is doing that. But he does seem to actually understand gamers and the gaming landscape better than most gaming CEOs of the past. Also, in my humble opinion, Game Pass is still probably the best deal in gaming right now if you keep up with modern games. You can literally play Yakuza 0 through 5 on your Xbox right now via Gamepass. Plus like 200+ other games. For the about the cost of Netflix. I don't know how they actually make money off of it.


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