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Iwata is the only one who gets a "free out of jail card" on this one. He cut his own paychecks in half, and that more than once, so others wouldn't have to leave Nintendo. All the other presidents of NOJ are business people. Yeah, Yamaguchi was bad-ass deluxe, but also one of Japan's richest people.

Reggie is a PR machine mostly (I still laugh at his excuse for RDR2 not being on Switch xD ) I don't think he had much saying anyway. He was for PR.

But in the end, Phill can be as charming and charismatic he wants, he's still out for your money, not your friendship and that was my main point =)

How they will earn shitloads with gamepass is their aggressive strategy to have it on everything. The more subscribers, active or not, the more money. Wouldn't be surprised if they have been asking Ninty to have xCloud on the Switch. MS are focusing mainly on their service, not hardware anymore. Think they might even drop out of the console race eventually and just have their subscription service.

That's me. Now for some homework before work =)


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