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There are plenty of people who put money first, I know that all too well. They don't have to be rich or powerful for that to be true.
There are people who live on minimal wage and would kill their grandma for $5 and a bag of chips, and they don't even like chips. And we have people who donate billions of dollars to save millions of lives.

MS is certainly a part of the group, even if not in the article, since they actually wanted to buy Nintendo hehe

I actually got Death Stranding Smile I got it with credit card points that were about to expire hehe
Haven't played it yet though. I finished Cyberpunk 2077 this week and started a month of EA Access for $0.99 to play Jedi Fallen Order and a few Indies. After that... I'll likely finally play The Witcher 3. But Death Stranding will be played in 2021, don't worry ;)


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