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It's kinda hard to give billions if you don't have them :P

Exactly not my point. Of course you need billions to give billions, but how many of your billions to you give, or rather invest with charity? I am sure there were many a bands/artists who did the entire band-aid thing back in the 80's for a good cause, but there were also many who did it for PR/attention. They sold shitloads of more albums, both old and new, after that. It's a money driven world and that's why I don't trust people easily. But that's me Smile

Naaah! CP2077 on consoles (and even GPC) must wait. They haven't even come with the next/now gen upgrades. They will sometime this year. And a the bugs....And the DLC is coming by the end of the year. Nah. I'll wait for the real deal. Perhaps I'll have to wait even two years.

When it comes to DS I am still not worrying, man! Smile I am preaching! Smile


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