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Followed by 1st April, where they admit everything they've done to Wii U owners has been a cruel prank. They'll start reselling the Wii U, reinstate Miiverse, update the original Wii U games that had gotten Switch ports with slight enhancements, etc. And they'll say, Wii gotcha, the Switch IS the Wii U in disguise, just made portable.

You know, Nintendo say they want the Switch to last 8 years at least. The Wii U is that age now, just think about that, all that it entails and what us, Wii U owners endured compared to now.

Like imagine if Nintendo announced that all Switch production would cease in say, May, and that most of the original Switch games will be ported to the next system at full price. Or that you would have to wait until the system after that to get a sequel to Super Smash Bros Ultimate(which itself isn't wholly original). That would only be the very tip of the iceberg of how Switch owners could begin to understand how Wii U owners feel.


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