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Tue Mar 02 21 03:34am
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And they'll say, Wii gotcha

You wrote all that word vomit and missed out on Wii got U...

Followed by 1st April, where they admit everything they've done to Wii U owners has been a cruel prank.

That would be apt for (April) Fools still clutching their Wii U pearls.

just think about that, all that it entails and what us, Wii U owners endured compared to now.

I’m a double Wii U owner, I endured fantastic games on mediocre hardware. Then I moved on to fantastic new games on fantastic hardware.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate(which itself isn't wholly original)

The only thing unoriginal are your comments. Nor is even your precious Wii U. It’s the least original hardware Nintendo ever made.

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