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Yeah, I'm thinking maybe it was some new automated system Nintendo implemented, because there was a YouTuber that was removed from the Nintendo Ambassador program last year, and they wouldn't really give him a reason as to why, but they were going to still send him Nintendo games to cover? (I just saw the one video on it, no clue what ever happened with it, or if they ever got a full explanation.)

If they sent one out automatically, and were like, "You're using the Nintendo name, you must stop immediately." and it was some new firm doing it, or maybe even an overzealous new employee, maybe it makes sense why and RMC reached out, but it was the weekend, so there was a delay on getting it straight?

Or, maybe even better for him, and he's been offered some official job with NoA or something, and he can't talk about it yet, and has to wait until the paper work clears.

Or, maybe he just wanted a detox GoNintendo chill break. I have no clue, just reading what was out there, and glad that he's okay.