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Tue Apr 06 21 09:54am
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I don’t understand this need to bash other sites in order to show support for GoNintendo that I’ve seen here, namely Nintendo Life. It’s the equivalent of outdated console wars. Anybody taking the time to post here is obviously a GoNintendo fan and supporter. I just don’t see the purpose of throwing someone else under the bus to justify your support for RMC.

I’ve been following this situation, or I guess just checking this thread daily because what else can you do? There is no situation I can think of in which RMC would need to go radio silent with almost no explanation. Legal issues (and at this point, what else would keep home from GoNintendo)? He could still simply say due to ongoing legal issues GN will not be updated until further notice, without going into specifics. Companies make statements all the time without actually saying anything. I view RMC as one of the most honest games media people out there. But this is just truly bizarre.


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