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Tue Apr 06 21 04:39pm
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This is a bit bizarre. Considering that this is Kevin’s bread and butter and he’s just gone radio silent. I remember coming to this site several times daily 15 years ago for the latest news in the days leading up to the Wii and the years following. I remember even being annoyed at the guys sleeping schedule that he stayed up so late and then wasn’t updating when I was up in the morning at work.

Life has gotten more complicated so my checking it out is more infrequent but the fact the site is still here, still being updated by RMC says something. Makes his absence all the stranger. Leaving it up to speculation. One would assume it’s some sort of legal issue. The fact that his pod was removed from Apple shortly before could be a red herring or could be more. Has Nintendo suddenly applied force to him using their name in his business? No idea to the legalities of it but a company like Disney is well known for going after anyone and everyone using their name or characters.


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