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Wed Apr 07 21 11:29am
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I genuinely dislike Nintendo Life, their admins, writers and staff in general. And mos important how they treat users who don't think the same way as they. Now, I don't want to talk about that here, but I assume you get the idea of what kind of topics you can't "discuss" on NL.
They ban people if their staff considers some comment/opinion as "offensive". I got banned because I wrote "woke" in one comment.
So that is why I don't like NL, and I don't recommend other people to use it if someone ask me for alternative for Nintendo news. I don't want to get lectured by videogame journalists about other things that have nothing to do with videogames.
It's not bashing, it's just my opinion and from what I've seen, lots of others think the same. If you want to check NL that's cool too. Besides, I don't consider myself a GoNintendo die-hard fan either.
I donĀ“t agree with some stuff they have posted here (mostly reviews), but for me, they at least try to stay away from all this other nonsense that has nothing to do with Nintendo or videogames.


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