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I gave it a month. An entire month, with no word, no explanation, nothing.

I am sorry for whatever Kevin is dealing with, but this is just incredibly disrespectful to all of us who have supported him and this website over the years. I cancelled my Patreon support today, with a heavy heart.

All he had to do was simply post something - ANYTHING - to offer some modicum of an explanation. Yet here we are, knowing nothing more than we did on March 7.

My interactions with RMC were always great, and I loved his positivity, which is perhaps why I'm taking this so personally.

Why can't he tell us what's going on / what happened? If there is some legal reason for it (and I absolutely cannot fathom one), why can't he just say "I can't discuss the situation at the advice of legal counsel" and leave it at that?

Why can't t27duck, Nintendojam, Yoshiller, or anyone else post new content?

GoNintendo was a great website. I visited every single day for more than ten years. It was my primary source of Nintendo news and information. I will miss it dearly. But for reasons which will apparently never be made known, the site is dead.

Kevin doesn't owe me a thing. This website is free. I voluntarily donated via Patreon because I wanted to support his obvious effort and passion. If he had simply posted "I don't want to do this any more; the website is closed forever," I would have totally respected and supported that decision. But we didn't even get that. What a shame.


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