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Thu Apr 08 21 03:52am
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You are coming off as really entitled and impatient. right now. RMC gave us his incredibly hard work for over 15 years and didn't ask for anything in return in that entire time. In fact, PATIENCE is the only thing he has asked of us. It was only recently has he started the Patreon, which I still give to happily. In fact, I'll raise my amount to offset your withdrawal.

You have no idea what's going on in his life right now. And that's OK. As you said, he doesn't owe you an explanation and it's none of your business. Maybe the "thing" that happened was deeply personal. What then? What does he owe you then, beyond the tens of thousands of hours of his time that he's already given all of us?

The website is not closed forever, it's only been a month. If he decides to close it forever, he will let us know. If you want to freak out about hypotheticals, that's up to you. I will remain patient and I suspect the majority of us will remain patient as well.


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