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I'll admit I love both these games but did not repurchase them in their switch version. There just wasn't enough incentive to do so. So in a way, dlc would be appreciated.

All I really wanted from Tropical Freeze was the ability to tweak difficulty more. And by that I don't mean add baby mode with Funky, but rather allow players to play with whatever Kong they want WITHOUT having to play in super hardcore mode. Or just maybe, I get it if they want the main mode to be played the way they wanted it to be played with DK as main and the others as power ups, but just allow us to tweak hardcore mode a bit more. Like for example, we could keep checkpoints or health points. I loved hardcore mode because it felt a lot more like OG DKC, not having to care about puzzle pieces anymore, just the KONG letters, and being able to play as any Kong. It was a faster more arcadey experience, and it felt a lot more like the older games. But GOD was it hard and frustrating that we had to stomach the difficulty to enjoy that version of the game.


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