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Fri Apr 30 21 07:24pm
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Okay, this is getting to be absurd. If legal issues are preventing the site from being updated, he could allude to that being the case without specifying what they are. There is no such thing as a gag order that prevents one from using any form of online communication, and if there is, it surely would have applied to the message he passed along in this post.

I see no charitable way to look at this. No matter who you are, barring circumstances where you literally cannot talk to anyone about anything--and that's obviously not the case here--this sort of thing simply isn't done. Especially when you have such a loyal community that's been following you for years.

(inb4 replies about giving him the benefit of the doubt and respecting his privacy--you guys can keep doing that, but I just see this total radio silence, this refusal to even HINT at what the problem is, as grossly disrespectful to the GoNintendo community. And yeah, he doesn't owe anyone anything--and neither do I owe him any more patience when just a mere hint at what's going on, passed through another person via another platform, even, would be enough to satisfy people who miss GN and have been checking back here for well over a month.)


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