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Sun May 02 21 09:10pm
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Completely agree. Since this all started it always struck me weird how he refused to even hint at what was causing this. It leads me to believe it's something he doesn't want anyone finding out about and that in itself will just let peoples imaginations run wild which I'm sure he was aware of. Knowing how rmc is and how hard he worked on this site not missing a podcast ever since 2005 and updating the site literally everyday for 16 years to then radio silent for 2+ months and counting makes me feel like it's something bad. The only circumstance where you couldn't say anything for this long is if you're in custody for something bad or you had a massive mental breakdown and need to recover.

Also according to rmc he's sitting right there just hanging out with mombrain. Yet somehow he couldn't write this message and update us himself and had to use multiple lines of people. He has tons of devices he could write and update us on for over 2 months now but decides not to. Because he "can't say"? So much of this is odd


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