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Mon May 03 21 01:39am
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This is almost my sentiment as well. The only thing I disagree with is saying he doesn't owe anyone anything. There are still people paying him, and pages before this still rallying to support him and the site, and they absolutely deserve an explanation. Its crazy to me that those are the same people with unlimited goodwill and patience in the situation, with only very few with a dissenting opinion.

No doubt something major has happened in his life, and I truly hope and wish everything is well. But to build a community and take money from them just to up and leave them with nothing is pretty abhorrent and embarrassing. Even with legal issues, or like the other reply to you referencing police custody, you can still get word out to your staff to give us something of substance instead of leaving them in the dark as well, then only scrambling some BS post through another person when said staff continues business as usual. What really rubs me the wrong way is this post saying they "are not in any trouble" since they were given absolutely nothing.

I dont enjoy almost any other Nintendo focused site for multiple reasons, and I was more than happy to come here, but I dont know if ill stick around anymore.


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