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Tue May 04 21 09:43am
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I am not sure if any of you have ever been in a lawsuit. Generally speaking one of the top rules is to never post anything online about it , talk about, or even allude to it. Re: site updates depending on the suit, the opposing side may have asked for an injuction to shut the site (and other GN outlets )down (sorta forces the defense to act quickly while bleeding money, or in cases with a ton of money settle) which would explain why the staff cannot update the site and why RMC is not communicating (sure he may be allowed to speak, that doesn't mean he should like at all, it could very easily be used against him).

Police custody makes the least sense. If that was the case day to day operations of GN could continue (and should, so you have an income), unless the site was accused of criminal activity, which would probably get the server shut down.

Of course no one has to stick around, just giving a bit of tidbit of how civil legal issues can affect communication immensely. Basically until we know what's happening don't take it personally

*this is all based on my experience of being involved in 3 civil lawsuits and one corporate disposition years ago. I am not an attorney*


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