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I'm glad to hear you're healthy and safe. The situation you're describing sounds incredibly uncomfortable and I can't imagine what it must have been like and what it is going to continue feeling like going forward, but I hope you're able to get the best therapy and help possible. While I don't know you very personally, I do know you're a strong person just by seeing the kind of work you put out in the world. Even if it might not seem like you can ever fully return to normal, I know you have it in you to return to a kind of life you are comfortable and well in. In your own time and place, don't rush anything.

Don't let anyone berate you for not sharing full details or not getting personal, this is 100% something you need to work through on your own time and in your own space. While I love GoNintendo and would love to see it go back to the way it was, 100% of that relies on you getting to the place where you are comfortable with that. If anyone is giving you crap, just realize they do not and cannot understand what happened to you, and don't waste any time on that negativity.

Explore your options, don't let it stress you out, and just focus on you. I really do wish the best for you going forward, I've loved to visit GoNintendo for years now and it has 100% become my most frequented website, a place where I have come back to for years and anytime I needed a pick-me-up I found myself navigating here. The last paragraph you shared even in this extremely hard to write post reiterates again why this has been such a special place for me, the love of Nintendo and games and the people who make and play them has always inspired me to be better myself.

If you ever need any additional help in any way, It'd be a great service to me to help in any way I can.

Sending my best your way. God bless.


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