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It feels good for us to finally hear from you again. Even though we can't know exactly what goes through you right now, please make sure you take enough time to do whatever you have to do. And remember that you don't owe us fans anything, you have been giving to us for over 15 years now. One thing that always shone through in the podcasts is your high level of musicality. So even if I don't know you enough (or at all really) to give you advice in this situation, I would still like to say that since you can't go on doing what has given you the most joy all these years, I think you really should try to engage in music in some way or another. You obviously have the talent for it, so spend all the time you like on creating music, singing, learning a new instrument or... whatever, as long as it feels meaningful. Apart from that, I would just like to thank you for everything you have been doing for us during all these years!


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