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Thu May 20 21 08:41am
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Kevin, I'm relieved to hear from you, but of course saddened by what you've been put through. Trauma is debilitating and I am glad you are seeing a therapist and getting help. You don't have to share more than what you want to share with anyone but I do want to share some of my experience with trauma so that it might help you recover. If reading about (a general, nonspecific account of) trauma is triggering right now, feel free to skip the rest of this comment, and just know that I care much more about your well being, than knowing the future of GoNintendo. As for my experience...

I also went through a traumatic experience about 3 years ago. It left me feeling anxious, depressed, and like my life was out of control. It was an extended experience, and took about 8 months to physically remove myself from it, and another 1.5 years to officially have it "over". I only reached out for help/told anyone about it after about 6 months. It was agony, and I felt like I couldn't tell anyone for fear of making the situation worse. I felt many of the same things you described, a lack of drive and passion for things I once loved being the biggest thing for me. I both lost the passion I had for those hobbies and I actively avoided them, mostly because I didn't want to associate my trauma with what I considered to be my passions.

Once I finally had removed myself physically from my situation, I felt I could open up to my immediate family and friends, and their support came instantly. It made things much, much easier. I started going to therapy, and it finally felt like I was moving forward again and recovering. It wouldn't "finish" for another 1.5 years, but the journey had started.

It sounds to me like your journey is at about this point. It took several more months and another major life event, but I did eventually regain most if not all of what I felt I lost when it came to my passions and hobbies. I hope you can eventually get there. Therapy will help, friends will help, family will help...life goes on, and that will help too. Please don't worry about the site more than you need to right now. Focus more on healing yourself, and trying to figure out what drives you and/or what restores your previous drive and passions.

I don't care about the future of GoNintendo. I care about the man who's behind it. I want you to heal from this, and be able to mentally feel like yourself. That's what I care about and what's important to me.

That said, this site is the only way I hear from you...so maybe come back and let us know you're doing alright when you can! I'll be checking it if it doesn't go down, and I'll be keeping you in my thoughts.

Much love.


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