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Seeing a new post here will for sure be the highlight of my day. But damn am I sorry for what you're going through. You offered a great service here, which I understand far more so now that I go elsewhere for news and feel like I'm tolerating their writing/reporting rather than enjoying it like I always enjoyed yours. But I feel the much greater service you can offer the world is putting in the effort to not only take care of yourself, but to master yourself. There are countless people going through their own hardships and traumas, and are probably tempted to give up and accept defeat. But to perdure is to benefit everyone whose trying to do the same. So I hope you do. Not for us, not for GoNintendo, and not even for whatever future projects you work on which I'm sure will be amazing and successful. Solely so the innermost part of you can emanate uninhibited into the fullest expression of itself. So you can experience and know that beauty and that joy, because you fucking deserve it. Everyone does. We'll always encounter something or someone which aims to thwart that process and that part of ourselves, but it's a good fight to overcome it and shape a self and a life which reflects that innermost truth.

Wish there was something I could do to help. I'm sure many people feel that way. If you ever start a Patreon or fundraiser or something I'd love to contribute. If at least to lessen some burden.

Thanks for sharing. Hope we get to hear from you more someday.


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