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Glad to hear from you again, RMC. I'm sorry to hear that you were affected so badly.

I feel pretty darn confident saying there's no site like GoNintendo on the web, and there's nobody like you, RMC, managing such a site. Not that it should be a source of pressure forcing you to return. I remember many situations, like family vacations, where the community was more or less in favor of you actually USING it as a vacation - but you were so dedicated to the site that you worked through those vacations as well. We're definitely in favor of you sitting things out right now, for as long as is needed.

I originally found the GoNintendo Podcast when it was around episode 20, Around 13-14 years ago, I suppose, when I got an iPod for Christmas and started looking into podcasts to listen to. GoNintendo was one I picked out, and of course that led to me becoming a site reader. My interest in Nintendo has waxed and waned over the years (fell off with the Wii U, grew again with the Switch), but GoNintendo has never left my favorites list. I love how even the niche news is posted, and the attitude of the site is extremely personable (not too hard with RMC at the helm). I'd love to see it come back in some form, perhaps with other posters first and you coming back according to your ability/interest should the time come.

But again, GoNintendo shouldn't be big on your list of concerns right now, all things considered. You gotta take time for yourself, at your own pace. But I do just want to add to the surprising amount of people in the 'decade plus' club and tell you how much we appreciate you and wish you well.


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