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Thu May 20 21 02:21pm
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My heart is unimaginably heavy but also filled with hope. I can barely find the words to describe how thankful I’ve always been for the dedication and passion that you’ve brought to bare when it comes to everything and everyone in your life/circles; not to mention how much respect and admiration I have for you: the same same admiration I’m feeling today after you found the strength to write this for us.
The cadence you maintained in your professional life often had me concerned to certain degrees, and the most important thing to do that you are already doing is focusing on yourself first and foremost. Never feel any amount of shame for emotions felt or support sought.
RMC, you have so many people who truly understand what a beautiful and kind person you are, be they family, friend, colleague, aquaintance, or fan. We care about you and what’s best for you. As hard as I know it must be, separating yourself from your life’s work to heal is something that anyone who truly cares about you will understand.
I’ve always tried to find ways to give back and show my appreciation and I will continue to do so even if it’s only slightly gesturing at some semblance of reciprocating the joy you’ve brought to my life for so many years and the community you’ve fostered.
This hobby just won’t feel the same without you right now, and I dont say that to lay any guilt at all, but to stress just how meaningful your presence has been to so many. I keep getting more choked up as I ramble on, but I’ll close with saying that I love you and am so grateful that you also have such a special and supportive partner who I know has provided for you in ways few could ever conceive during this time.

Until we meet again. Love to you and MomB


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