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I'm glad you are ok. Whatever it is you went through, And despite not being over it obviously. But those things take time. I've also disappeared some times in the past from everyone and everything for some months, so I know what it's like.

Sometimes you just need to get off the train that's called life, to get over things, whatever they might be, or otherwise you are going to get much more hurt in the process. It doesn't mean that once you decide to come back that everything is ok. It usually isn't, but it's still better than when you left. Things might not be the same for a long time. You might not enjoy anything you enjoyed before, you might not want to talk to anyone, you might not want to deal with anything at all. That's natural, since you aren't really over what made you leave in the first place, just like that, just because you decided to come back. But that decision to get back and try is the first step towards the right direction. A direction that doesn't have to include everything your life included before.

Knowing what kind of a hell hole it is to spend 17+ years on something EVERY SINGLE DAY , FOR THE WHOLE DAY, while doing NOTHING ELSE, even if you care about it, and maybe enjoy it, you'll eventually get tired of it and it's going to have it's tool on your life. That happened to me anyway after 12+ painful years of throwing away every single day and every single hour of my life to nurture a community in my country single handedly, while its audience is more or less living on their own planets. Eventually I got tired of it, sick of it, hated it, and once "caring" was gone too after 12 years, I decided last year, that it's time to let go of it ( besides just posting news & interviews ), to start look after myself for once after 12 years, fix and improve my life and finally LIVE my life. Maybe that's what happened to you too, I don't know, but even if it's not about GoNintendo, whatever the reason might be, the result is the same anyway. You are lucky enough in comparison to have loved what you were doing until the end and have had a passionate audience to keep you going despite the torture its requirements probably were.

In any case look after yourself, live your life the way you want too, enjoy it, time doesn't come back, people don't wait and might be gone too, even from life itself, while you keep wasting it away and leave them waiting "for another day to come". And in case you once again think that you want to come back. more moderately, do it. If not, that's ok too, despite the huge hole that will be left behind. You're lucky enough to have tons of people who also care for taking over your work ( which I never did since it requires tons of encyclopedic knowledge ), so there's always the choice of temporarily or permanently let others take the reigns, so that GoNintendo will keep going and be there in case you ever feel like you want to come back, or so that you won't feel that your work will go to waste by stopping. It's your choice, but always know that whatever you do, do what's best for you, and it's ok.


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