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Having been through trauma/abuse and been recovering for the last five or so years, I can understand how it can change your life. To this day I can't handle being around people, can't work, have a hard time even trying to exercise or work on my indie game, which is the only option I can see for myself having any sort of future since it's the only "job" I can do by myself with a reasonable chance of earning an income (as hard as it is to make a living making indie games, writing, my core passion, is even harder).

While I would like GoNintendo to return to its former self right now, since it's the best Nintendo site and covers games that other sites won't even look at, like hunting simulators, I understand if it's tough/impossible for you to do so. Rest assured, once you start updating the site again, I will be back to support you and the site.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.


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