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So glad to hear from you yet so sad knowing you are going through such a hard time.

Gonintendo has always been a "Happy Place" to me and having grown up with Nintendo consoles since the NES I have many memories tied to Nintendo.
Visiting Gonintendo to me is like entering a home port and watching the Crew on the Podcast feels like joining old friends.

I suffer from depression from time to time. Usually it gets me late at night on weekends and living in Germany, Berlin Timezone, it often coincides with your Podcast :D
You cant Imagine how soothing and helpful Gonintendo Podcast is to me and how it pulls me back into the light. Joining you and the guys can turn my state of mind around when I by myself cannot.

Id be so happy if there would be a way I could give back a fraction of what I recieved from you.

Just wish you all the best and so so hope you ll continue towards a good place.



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