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I'm relieved you're back, but this was definitely hard to read for sure. It's unlike anything you've ever written, but I'm glad you were transparent with us as much as you could.

All I can say is this: Thank you for all the awesome memories you have given me and many others for all these years on this site. I cannot express how much gratitude I have towards your work and dedication to the site and although I stopped commenting/visiting as frequently as I used to, I would still check the site here and there. Coming back and reading the previous post about how you were MIA for 2 months and then to read this...it's some heavy stuff to find out and read about man, especially for long time readers.

Please take the necessary time to get better. You WILL get better. It will take time, but it is nothing you cannot overcome. I know you feel distant, strange, and out of whack, but keep on pushing through. You have friends, family, and site readers that care about you. Never forget that. Your last paragraph touched my heart so much, because despite the trauma you are dealing with, you still preached that message to all of us in the end and it just goes to show how much of a great person you truly are. Don't worry about the site - if the time comes when you want to take care of it, it will come. If it doesn't, it doesn't and that is fine with me as long as you're okay mentally and in a better place.

RawMeatCowboy, this is not a farewell message from me. I want to personally thank you for sharing what you could and want to wish you nothing but the best. You will get through this, my friend. <3

To all the GoNintendo community who I've interacted throughout these 15 years....thank you as well. Going back and forth in the comments, having those great discussions, hanging out with some of you in the IRC channel....these are memories I hold close to my heart and I couldn't have been happier being a part of this wonderful community - all possible because of people like you. As I said in the other post, it warms my heart seeing all these names from back in the day still commenting. You're all great people and I've missed all of you! Take care of yourselves as well!

With much love <3,



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