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Fri May 21 21 06:30pm
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The reason I thought it was a mental thing is because I've been there. Like you I wont get into details but I've seen both my parents die/dying in front of me at a young age (13 when mom died and 21 when dad). And suicides and accidents and lots of other stuff. So yeah, it didn't come as a surprise. But yeah! No is the time for you to be selfish and focus on yourself, bearded Nintodian brother.

It would advice you, though, to let others keep the site going. Not just for us, but for you too. With time you will be back so it would be sad to let GN die before you're back in action.

Again! Take your time on YOU, Kevin!

We'll be around. Can't get rid of us that easy Smile

P.S: Oh and I always do things that make me happy. And with that I make poeple around me happy. Fun stuff ;)


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