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Mon May 24 21 04:20pm
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Hey RMC-

I just wanted to say thank you for the site you built. I’ve been coming here since the Revolution days for all my Nintendo news and I think your podcast is my favorite one out there to listen to. You’re right that this is definitely not the post I wanted to see, mostly because it feels like losing a friend. That said, I know whatever you’ve been dealing with must be difficult for you to leave the site in this way. I hope you take whatever time you need to feel better. If you ever do get to the point where you feel like starting back up again, just know that I would still be a reader – even if that’s days, months, or years from now.

If this is goodbye though, I hope you know what a special home this was. The internet can be a cruel place, and it always amazed me how positive GoNintendo was in the face of all that. Thank you for everything!


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