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Hey, oldie over here... May actually be older than this current profile, because I'm pretty sure I started a new one after starting everything I did online over again.
I wasn't here day one, nor was I here month 1, but I certainly was here since the earlier days. Back then, I was hungry for unbiased news about Nintendo, since site after site and forum after forum would slowly (or quickly) turn biased against it. The thing that bugged me the most was when sites would pretend that there was "NO" news whatsoever about Nintendo, that they were just slow, uninteresting, and failing all the time... It frustrated me greatly since I KNEW there was news. I wasn't as crazy-swift as the people posting on this site on the regular, but I definitely deep-dove for Nintendo news on a daily basis. I'd jump from twitter posts, to tumblr, to translator sites, etc etc etc, consuming as much Nintendo news as possible (mostly just to prove to the haters that: No, new things happen with Nintendo all the time, if not moreso than with the other companies)...
I had heard of goNintendo in my going-arounds, but never visited it. But after a particularly quiet day of news (felt like all news outlets were pretending nothing happened with Nintendo that day), I hopped onto gonintendo, and what do you know: at least ten new articles were up that day. I was ecstatic, and I was hooked. Oddly enough, I didn't like most games on Nintendo consoles. If you add up in ratio as to which company I "loved" the most, that would have been Playstation - but that was because of their 3rd party JRPGs... That said, Nintendo had a special place in my heart due to the fun I had whenever I played games with my family (playstation multiplayer games lasted about 30 minutes between us, but nintendo multiplayer games would last hours into the night)... So I was glad to find a place that finally covered Nintendo news without care of the public opinion.
I frequented the site daily, even posting in the comments daily (like I said, most likely not under this name). I didn't quite get along with everyone here, but at least I had a place here in the comments - unlike other places where I was just public enemy #1 for liking Nintendo things.
Point was, i was quite attached to this site! But I had stopped frequenting it a few years ago. Maybe 2015? 2016? Can't remember... What I do remember was that my life was flipped upside-down... I would say "for the better", but I didn't see the "better" part until 2018.
Unlike most people who've experienced trauma, my trauma was more-or-less on the positive-side. Video games dropped their value for me not due to the horror of more important things, but because video games lost almost all significance in the face of the more important changes going on in my life. I actually stopped playing games for a year, and I only went back into it because my family really missed playing with me.
Nowadays, video games, and of course Nintendo, are back in the cycle of my life, but are nowhere near as important to me as they used to be. They're more of a garnish for my life, rather than a favored seasoning/ingredient.

With all that said... (I have a terrible time summarizing, which oldies on this site may recognize) ... I just wanted to share a bit of my life as an example of: Video games are not the most important thing. They're not even up there in the top 10,000 of the greatest things in life. They're just there for fun, and we can use them however and whenever we want.
People's lives are infinitely more important. Your life, your wellness is infinitely more important than anything found in video games or video games news or companies. Companies, games, etc, are made by individual human beings. The company does not define an individual. The work does not give value to the individual. You are not gonintendo. You are you, and gonintendo gets its value from you - not the other way around.

Now that I've said some positive things, it's time to ruin my image a lottle bit (as I've been known to do)... If you have no one to depend on, therapy is vital. But, if you have someone you can depend on, someone close to you who can talk things out with you and (more importantly) LIVE LIFE WITH YOU: Therapy may only slow down your progress in getting better. There's going to be hundreds of people that'll hate this comment, but that's only because they *only* know the method/road/life/solution of therapy. They've never honestly given the other path a fair try (no, don't try to throw any examples that most likely involve ignorant/selfish/neglectful/shallow people... and face it: in modern society, that's 99% of the examples out there).
I broke down mentally twice. I've been to a therapist. I love my therapist, she was very kind, professional, helpful, and even attended a play I had acted in. ... But the advices she gave me skewed how I viewed the ones closest to me - and prevented me from growing with them. The recovery process was indeed safe, but it was horribly slow... Years of reworking everything I perceived just to "feel okay" or at least attempt to convince myself that. It was logical, calculating, tempered, but was eager to remove the "heart" of the matter, because the "heart" - for them - was untrustworthy (at least, my definition of "heart", not the modern perspective of "emotional/social connection")... Due to a lack of funds and time, I did not continue therapy, and ended up bashing heads/hearts/spirits with my loved ones for the next year...... And after they were willing to walk with me, I not only became stable again, but I didn't feel like I was just "masking" my pain anymore - I was actually CURING it.
I'm not saying this to discourage you from therapy (unlike what most people would love to believe against me)... I'm saying to reach out to the ones that you trusted most in the past. They won't understand you, they won't empathize with you, the most they can do for a long time is just pity you or find you really strange... But talk with them, fight with them, argue and discuss with them, get them to see you as you again despite all of the things that make you feel as if you've changed entirely... Break down in front of them... Have them treat you, to see you, as their loved one again...
And then the real growing starts from there.

God bless you, man. Do some real good in your own life. Live with who you are. Don't try to escape what happened. Overcome it.


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