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Sat Jun 26 21 03:42pm
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I beat two games on Switch this week.
A Day Without Me - Your character wakes up and the whole town is empty and you need to figure out why. I read the eShop description and decided to give this a try. It turned out to be pretty bad, just wasted potential. Your character moves so sluggish (holding the run button doesn't help much), the neighborhood is easy to get lost in (not that it's very big mind you, but the roads are littered with vehicles that all look the same which makes it easy to get confused as to where you're heading), the map is useless (there are only 9 chapters and you don't even unlock the map until Chapter 8, and there is no indicator on it to show where you are when you look at it), and the broken English is not very helpful at describing the objectives or sometimes is just downright funny ("Find Out How To You Going To Sleep", "Find Out What This Is Meaning", "Search Where The Sound Come From") seriously there isn't much text anyway, they could have kicked a few bucks at someone on Fiverr to proofread this. It's a short game anyway but I gave this game more time than it was worth.

3 out of 10: Season One - This is basically an interactive animated sitcom split up into five episodes that last approximately 30 minutes each. The writing is pretty good and the game is funny. You're playing as a small independant developer team who has never been able to make a game that reviewers score higher than a 3 out of 10, but they are determined to change that now with their new endless runner (actually it has an ending, so they call it an endful runner). Some crazy things happen along the way, like for instance halfway through development the CEO decides your team needs to make some major changes because he now wants it to be a battle royale game since that's the hot thing at the moment. I don't want to spoil any more of the story, this is worth playing if you can get it cheap and want a few laughs, it really reminds me of the kind of humor in old Saturday morning cartoons.
For the most part you're doing almost as much watching as you are playing, but there are mini-games throughout (a Zelda-inspired dungeon, pinball, stealth, etc.) and some are fun, and some not so much, but I feel the writing makes up for the ones that aren't fun (and I think they can be skipped anyway). Even though I completed this game on Tuesday I've since went back and replayed a couple of episodes to earn more stars in some mini-games, so there is at least a little replay value.

I'm also playing through Horizon Zero Dawn on PlayStation 4. I've owned this game for a few years so I don't know what took me so long to finally start it, but since this gets compared so much to BotW, I think I can say that if I had played this when it originally released, this would have overtaken BotW as my personal GotY for 2017. I for sure am having more fun exploring this big open world than I did with BotW's. It's not a perfect game (no game is or ever will be), but it's pretty damn incredible.


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