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Playing Mario Maker and making levels, it shows that there is a clear divide in how people perceive difficulty.

I made levels with puzzles that are literally impossible to fail. If you manage to somehow do the unlikely and say.... lose the shell, bomb or switch you need, the level gives you another. There are still people who complain that they cannot solve them when the level does not allow them to fail.

I made a stage that is incredibly easy, and there still is a ludicrously small completion rate. It's literally a level that lets you skip almost every obstacle.

I know not everyone has the same level of skill, but Nintendo needs to teach its players by raising the bar a little more readily. It's good to start easy, but there needs to be levels that people will play and have to up their game to beat. It's good to reward effort and taking on a challenge. A big reason why many people say they "graduate" from Nintendo systems is that. In Fire Emblem games, make the Lunatic+ difficulty available at the start. In Zelda, don't make us unlock Hero mode. In Mario, make hard levels happen before the end game as opposed to after the end-game only.


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