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Thanks, that was really insightful (though to nitpick Dark Souls is more punishing than Bloodborne).

I think it's always an approximation when it comes to difficulty but I think there are two aspects that truly matter before measuring enemy numbers, AI, or placement. That's control, both learning the things you can do and the pace on how quick the game perfom this commands. Sorry for keep bringing these two Souls games but I find it fascinating how Dark Souls felt too punishing and Bloodborne doesn't despite both games not being easy. I think pace might also be a factor in either making a game accessible regardless of difficulty curve. One lesser example may be Sonic Unleashed which has these speedy sections that can be played really well I know memorizing helps to get better at any platformer but I also think getting to know how fast the game reacts to your input does make you better. A better example may be Monster Hunter which I do feel slow and heavy like Dark Souls. So if a player doesn't get in-tune with the game's pace it's possible he or she will not have a good time. Sigh, maybe that's the issue with Melee, Smash players. Since I believe even the newer ones can be challenging with he appropriate people.

P.S. Did God Hand ever got released on another console [besides the PS2]?


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