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"Thanks, that was really insightful (though to nitpick Dark Souls is more punishing than Bloodborne)."

Much like the other GMT stuff, I actually find the video more interesting from the footage of RE4 than from Mark Brown's commentary on it.

"Sorry for keep bringing these two Souls games but I find it fascinating how Dark Souls felt too punishing and Bloodborne doesn't despite both games not being easy. I think pace might also be a factor in either making a game accessible regardless of difficulty curve."

I do not follow. Bloodborne's combat is much faster-paced than Dark Souls, and bosses demand more proficiency with the base controls much earlier than in the latter.

DS's early bosses are giant lumbering behemoths who make the player movement seem downright zippy in comparison, which eases them into things, and by the time bosses start speeding up, most players have internalized the limitations and strengths of their mobility.


In contrast, Gascoigne features the same speed and moveset as players, and Bloodborne throws him at them early as the first boss (and as late as the second).

"P.S. Did God Hand ever got released on another console [besides the PS2]?"

They released it on the PSN store for the PS3, so it can be played on that.

Outstanding game, btw.


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