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I feel the opposite.

Aside from the main cast (Link, Zelda, Ganon, Midna & Zant) I hated the art direction for TP for the most part. Super drab and boring colors. Gross character design, etc. Aged poorly too. Not that I dislike realistic visuals, it just sticks out in a weird way.

I also felt like TWWHD barely looked different.

TP is also one of my least favorite Zelda's. Now, this COULD BE because I played the Wii version, but I liked the waggle more than SS's 1:1, oddly.

What really killed it was the stuff between dungeons. Lots of gimmicky shit involving either Epona or Wolf Link. Wolf Link was fine, but bleh, Epona stuff was just horrendous because of the controls.

That said, I am more than willing to give it another try if they indeed change the art and maybe fancy up the game and use the GameCube version as the base instead of the Wii version