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I've been trying to get used to the new font, but a recent PR story(about the Balance Board patent thing) really strained my eyes trying to read it.  These comments are okay because they have a little background to them, but the really thin sans-serif and bright-white background(especially when the PR stories have their text lighter-colored and in italics) makes reading kinda difficult.  I don't really have any suggestions about it, just.... thought I'd mention it.

I know the site was rushed to get it working when the old one died, but if there was one thing I was hoping was part of the prototype or hadn't been user-tested yet, the font was one of those. I don't have a problem with the capitalization because that's the way NSider used to be(and why I keep my username capitalized on whatever sites I use it on), but the really thin font and occasionally light-colored/italic text makes things difficult.


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