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Tue May 19 15 12:59pm
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This is going to confuse gamers who may be interested.  The game's title is incorrectly being translated by Google Translate every where I go, and it's being reported as PoPoLoCrois Harvest Moon.  Bokujo Monogatari doesn't even translate to "Harvest Moon" at all, but "Farm Story".  It wouldn't be a Harvest Moon title at all, since Natsume isn't working on the Bokujo Monogatari series anymore or this game either, so the title 'PoPoLoCrois Harvest Moon' shouldn't exist.
It hasn't even been announced that the game will be published outside of Japan yet, and even if it will, "Harvest Moon" won't be used in the title, since, again, Natsume is not working on it.

For now, PoPoLoCRois Bokujo Monogatari is the only official title this game has.


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