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Since my last post I finished Resident Evil 4's main story mode and Separate Ways mode (which was new to me since it wasn't in the GameCube version). I never played the Mercenaries or Assignment Ada mode in the GCN version, but I'm gonna take a break from RE4 for now before I get tired of it. I'll go back to those modes maybe early next year.

I've been playing DmC: Devil May Cry on Steam. I beat this last year on PlayStation 3. It's a fun game, probably the best beat-em-up I've played since God Of War III.

Also started up Guacamelee on PS4. Really fun game, I like the references to other games and memes.

I bought IronFall Invasion on eShop. Really impressive graphics, I'd say they might have taken the best looking 3DS game crown away from RE: Revelations. As far as if the game is fun or not, if you enjoy shooters and you play on 3DS a lot, your options are kind of limited so you kinda have to take what you can get. Thankfully the game isn't terrible, but compared to what you can play on consoles/PC, it's just average. I hope the online multiplayer remains active for a while cause that's the main reason to play (you can purchase just the multiplayer half of the game if not interested in campaign, but I bought both).


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