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Yes, BP refers to a specific trick, which I believe was highlighted in Sonic 2 where they make the background go whoosh. Looking more closely at the page, even the advert they have linked there says systems with BP can go vroom, not that BP as a whole makes everything zoomy-zoomy.

Giant Bomb said:
The term "Blast Processing" was a reference to the faster processing speeds of the Genesis.

So, I'm not the only one who thinks that it was also used as a general reference thing. (Again, I know it is specifically Bayless's DMA trick.)

Yes, clock speed is not the only differentiator between processors, as people who compare Vita to Wii U must know. :P I mean, I'm not even going to say that the SNES processor was slower than the Game Boy's.

Yes, SNES's Mode 7 was pretty amazing and cool in Super Castlevania IV, Final Fantasy VI, and Actraiser.

However, back in the day it was a given that speedy sports games were better on SG. At least this part is indisputably not revisionist history. :}

Final Fight & Final Fight Guy on SNES were 1P but Final Fight on SG was 2P, interestingly enough.

In any case, it's marketing and people understood that it was something SG had and the grey one did not. ;)


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