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Nintendo's right to focus on the Wii U at this time. The Smash-Splat bundle, the Xenoblade bundle, the SMTĂ—FE bundle, amiibo support for third parties and indies, and their statements about the jumping environment for classical JRPGs on the DS and 3DS and creating an equally welcoming environment for them with the Wii U, point towards Nintendo making the public understand that why the Wii U works better for games. Once the public understands that and has a positive outlook for Nintendo consoles, they can start talking about the NX.

Spilling NX too early just gives other companies opportunities to copy anything innovative about it (or worse, half-bake their own copies, overcharge for them, and drop support so that the user-base is primed to dismiss Nintendo's innovations as useless gimmickry). Best to leave NX discussion until after PS5 and XBoxOne2 specs are out.


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