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Sun Nov 22 15 06:07pm
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People like Pachter keep talking about the NX being "late" to this console race, as though Nintendo is going to cut and paste the Wii U with the NX next year, to directly compete with Xbox and PS, and we'll just forget Wii U ever happened.

I don't see it that way at all. Nintendo was perhaps early to this current gen console race, and the NX will likewise be early to the next gen console race.

Here's my prediction: The "NX" isn't a console at all, but a development platform like Android or iOS. I believe Nintendo will release a software update for the Wii U in 2016 to enable distribution of games using this shared common platform. Then later in 2016 the new 3ds line will also receive a software update to enable NX-compatible software. This will allow for a cross-platform environment in which Nintendo can develop games that are distributed as a single download, but provide different gaming experiences depending on the device used (sort of like universal app downloads for iPhone and iPad).

Finally, Nintendo will eventually release a new home console and a new handheld console, both of which will be based on what we're calling the "NX" platform. So, will NX release in 2016? Yeah, but not in the way you're thinking of now. Dedicated new consoles based on this platform will not be until 2017 at least.

There's my prediction. What do you think? Better than Pachter, no?


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