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Mon Nov 23 15 05:43am
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Nintendo's right to focus on the Wii U at this time.

Except they are not focusing on Wii U at all, or the 3DS for the matter. All their internal studios have switched to NX game development, and that's why all we get for Wii U and 3DS is filler titles such as Mario Tennis. Xenoblade is an exception but that game has been in development for several years, and has been out in Japan for over half a year already. I mean, sure, they are going to market the Wii U bundles to people, but that doesn't mean they are working on more Wii U stuff or have any plans for the system beyond Starfox and Zelda U. Also,reminder, Starfox is developed by Platinum, and Zelda U will most likely also come out on the NX, similar to Twilight Princess on Gamecube and Wii.


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