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Yeah, the Wii U, they screwed up big time. At this point, non of us really don't how Nintendo gonna pull themselves out of this predicament. But then again, if they can pull themselves out of the bad situation with the N64 and GameCube with the original Wii, you can bet they could do the same with the with NX.. But however, we gotta wait and see til the NX comes out. With the Wii U, despite not a bad system on it's own right, you can sense that something didn't click with the thing compared to it's predecessor. Especially when they didn't hardly avertise the system during it's earlier days, didn't utilize the system's main gimmick that well, confusing name, inferior ports of third party games, system's technical disadvantage (that didn't stop it's predecessor from being successful and power didn't help the two previous systems before that one), etc, etc, etc. But yeah. For the NX, they definitely NEED to step up their game and stop being reluctant to integrate things that are a standard to current gaming. Well, with a new president and all., there's some hope for the future, even though it might not be how we personally wanted it to be. Of course, all the waithing can make us all axious, or some cases, cynical.


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