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Yeah the 3DS was a great console to own, if it wasn't for the sheer size of DS' library, I would probably prefer it as a whole, even though I barely used the 3D feature at all, which was another failed gimmick, but thankfully the console had games to back it up after the first lackluster year. The Wii U was essentially only alive for 2 years, and even those couple years weren't exactly chock-full of games. I still remember the drought of games before Pikmin 3's release, as well as before Tropical Freeze's release. Nintendo fans have endured a lot this gen. If Nintendo releases NX late 2016 (which honestly seems like the most likely scenario to me), the Wii U will barely be 4 years old at that point. Depending on how long this gen lasts, it might not be too late, but I feel like it is.


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