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Trails In The Sky: Finally got around to this game whose title I will never be abbreviating. Being a Falcom game, it allows players to pick 'Nightmare' Difficulty right off the bat with a rather interesting screen before confirming the choice: "It's your funeral."

Compared to Mushihimesama's "Are you prepared to battle sheer despair?", I found that attempt at a warning to be rather quaint.


No regrets about the choice, btw. The battle system is decent as far as turn-based strategy goes, and if enemies were any less vicious, then I suspect I would not have had to learn how to take advantage of a lot of its dimensions. Grinding also seems to be fairly useless on this mode, as most enemies seem to KO my party members in an average of two-to-three hits regardless of level, which is a huge plus. Equipment seems more important, and the sidequests themselves are well-balanced in terms of seeming to know at every point how many party members the player should have, what items they should possess, the strength and elements of spells they should know.

My main complaint is that there are *soooo* many sidequests that I feel like I might need to take a break and play something else, and I am only on Chapter 2. And this with Xenoblade on the horizon -- talk about time-sinks.



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