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Huh, I was actually looking for this kind of thread a long while back and didn't realize it got made. A lot of games have come and gone since then.. oh well.

Right now I'm more or less stuck in a huge art-project again, so my time for gaming is kind of self-limited. But with Xenoblade X coming up quick, I thought I'd try to play through a bit of some games I haven't touched for a long while. Oddly enough I never got all of the stages unlocked for SSB4 so I finally did that. And now I'm trying to work my way through Wonderful 101 again.

Wonderful 101 is a weird game to me. I think it's really cool and funny and has some interesting dialog/story going on, but when I PLAY the game it mostly feels like a huge mess. Sometimes I can make it through after a lot of struggling, feeling like I'm barely getting through, and then I'll hit a wall and not play again for a couple months. And yet sometimes it seems to go better than I expected and I have a good laugh at the ridiculous boss fights and epic events going on mid-level. And then it's right back to face-punch-attention-span-destroying mayhem that I can barely keep up on, or feel like I definitely hit a button to defend when I get hit anyway... *shrug*

I doubt I'll beat it before XCX comes out... when I resumed from where I was, I think I was still in the last segments of Operation-002, and I thought I was lot farther than that. Although it looks like there are only 9, I'm sure there must be some larger segments in those, so I dunno. Don't really feel like binge-gaming on it either since I have things I need to be doing, and XCX will waste even more time when it comes, but I dunno.

I haven't touched my 3DS much, but since my relative died, I don't sit in doctor's-offices at all now either. So I just crack it open to do Badge-Arcade now and then, and that's about it. Haven't even finished Link Between Worlds or even come close to doing regular-missions on the 2nd-Strata of EO1-remake where I left off at. It was starting to get kinda tedious anyway.


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