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Since the last post I finished Guacamelee, IronFall and DmC: Devil May Cry. All were good games.
For DmC, while God of War III and Bayonetta 2 are kings of the genre, DmC whoops their ass in the soundtrack department.

Now I'm mostly just playing Super Mario Maker still, and just started getting into Splatoon. I wrote Splatoon off back when it first released due to lack of voice chat and not being able to join friends (the latter was fixed via patch thankfully) but I'm enjoying it now. I did get it cheap during Black Friday because I refused to pay full price (I even remember saying that I'd wait for it to drop to the $30 range and someone on here saying "good luck" and that it won't happen because Nintendo's 1st party games don't drop in price that much in under a year).


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