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@Captaincolon: Well "Nintendo dropping prices" and "getting it on sale for Black Friday" are pretty different things. Nice that you were able to get it, though...it's a good game, although I've kinda got sidetracked with other games to be into it at the moment.

For me, XCX definitely has taken up a huge amount of my time, but I feel like I'm kind of pushing through maybe a little too fast. It does look like, after one week, I'm going to get my Skell-license at just about the exact 30-hour time limit that most people have been reporting.

XCX is pretty overwhelming with its customization, though. I mean you can only fully-customize your own character and only tweak the surface of other characters, but it's still pretty daunting. I haven't upgraded any equipment because I'm not sure if it's worth it or not, I haven't made any augments because I don't want to put them on low-level equipment, and I have a hard time deciding between good equipment and equipment that isn't as good but have good perks to them. Mostly I've just been winging it, but unfortunately I've had to "dumb-down" just about every chapter-boss so far, so I'm probably doing something wrong. (You're given an option to fight a boss at a lower level if you get party-wiped more three times by it....one of them wiped my party about 15 times even when its levels were lowered though. But I'd already spent my BP on stuff and I dislike it when games require me to level-grind, so I just kept pushing until I got lucky with random-rolls on damages and misses and critical hits.)

Still really enjoy the game, but I both feel like I'm going too fast and like I'm not doing enough. I don't want to defeat the size and scope of the world by getting a skell too fast....but at the same time I'm tired of having to take a 15 minute run to get around these stupid-huge mountains everywhere.


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