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Now, if Sakurai was to just be the adviser for another installment, I would be more than happy. He worked wayyy too hard on this game and I want him to be able to spread his wings again, pun intended.

Now people say Melee is the best, and I say 4 is the best so far. Why? Because Melee is a game that requires the competitive players to abuse the glitches that are in the game. If Melee had come out during this day and age they would've been patched out and fixed. Even Sakurai has said that those glitches were left because he didn't expect people to abuse them.

Now I don't think that Melee players are bad, in fact they require a whole lot of technique to play that game to it's "fullest." But Melee fans/players are usually the worst in the fandom since they are a mainly elitists.

But there are people who think Brawl was the best, or that Project M was the best. It's all up to you what you like! The only opinion that matters is your own. But when people complain about the creators vision and desires is when it gets sad. A dev is supposed to make a game that is fun and enjoyable, sure, but they are supposed to do it their own way. It's just another problem with the industry. "Too many FE/PKMN characters! Waaaahhh!" "Not enough ridiculous techniques to skippidy do bop your uber thumper!"

If you don't like it you can play something else. Not everything is made to make everyone happy.


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